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Messy Middle Mastermind


February 17th 5-7 pm

House of Blues ~ DALLAS

We are changing it up in Dallas and making it all about you and what you’re struggling with!

We are bringing some of the top talent in the industry to hear your best mess and coach you LIVE. Maybe it’s a book you should read, a workshop you could attend, or lessons from their experience selling thousands of homes and building their teams and multiple businesses.

✔️ Have a hurdle you can’t get past?

✔️ Another year stuck at the same level?

✔️ Thinking about giving up on “this team thing”?

✔️ Crushing your goals and hating your life?

✔️ Your team looks more like a carousel than a rocket ship?

We want to hear from you by January 31st! Send us a PM with your struggle and we will be selecting the best messes to feature live in Dallas.

Let’s face it, most people have some version of the same problems! Let’s come together to get unstuck with an epic #unpanel! After we hear from our Coaches we’ll open it up to the audience to share their experiences and insight too for a truly collaborative mastermind experience!

Messy Middle Mastermind Live!
House of Blues, Dallas
February 17th from 5-7pm

Tickets on Sale Now!


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